Beginner tips

Are you a beginner or relative new to producing music on a computer? If you are, you’re exactly at the right page.

Because we are all at a different level, I’ve made a selection of lessons and tips specifically for beginners. This way you can get the right information as quickly as possible and take a smart shortcut. So, feel free to dive in and discover the different subjects you want to learn more about.

How to use FL Studio

Simply click the links below to learn more about certain topics regarding working with FL Studio.

If you’re new to FL Studio but you want to make songs fast, you can take the ultimate shortcut by getting a copy of my FL Studio Beginner’s Guide on Amazon. You’ll only find everything in there that you absolutely need to know about as a beginner, without any unnecessary fluff and overcomplications. It’s specifically written for this situation.

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How to make melodies (music theory)

If you want to learn about music theory and making melodies, feel free to check out the links below.

But when you want to learn exactly all the easy tricks I always use to make awesome melodies, get yourself a copy of The Ultimate Melody Guide on Amazon. Even without knowing anything about music theory, you can also start to make your own professional melodies today.

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How to use mixer effects (mixing)

When you visit the links below, you’ll find certain lessons about using mixer effects in FL Studio or just mixing in general.

If you want to make your songs actually sound professional, it’s absolutely critical to mix your instruments correctly. This is called mixing. However, most people fail miserably at this, resulting in an amateurish, unbalanced and weak song.

But if you don’t want to make all the mistakes and get the same loud, clean and powerful tracks as me, be sure to pick up a copy of the EDM Mixing Guide on Amazon. You will discover all my strategies that always give instant results.

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How to make sounds (sound design & synthesis)

Of course, making sounds is one of the most important parts of making music. So, you can kickstart your sound-making skills by clicking the links below and learning some important basics.

However, if you are currently failing with making great sounds for your track, ask yourself: do you understand your synthesizer well enough to do high-quality sound design? If the honest answer is no, you should learn the essential basics of synthesis first.

Synthesis is at the very core of sound design and can easily be learned by reading my book Sound Design for Beginners. This way, you will learn exactly how the basics settings on your synthesizer work to make jaw-dropping sounds for the rest of your life.

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This page only has a selection of important lessons that are very useful as a beginner. However, it’s very hard to define when someone is still a beginner or not. So, if you want to discover more or learn about other topics, feel free to check out this entire website or visit my YouTube channel. There are many more lessons available that can definitely help you get your songs to that top level.

NOTE: this specific page may get updated in the future. When new lessons come out, some may end up here as they can be essential for beginners to learn about. So if you’re a “beginner”, it’s a good idea to keep visiting this page.

Anyways, let it all be helpful to boost your music producing skills as fast as possible!

– Cep
(Music producer, author & creator of Screech House)