Rawstyle Kick Tail Project



Shortcut your rawstyle kick-building learning curve!

What’s inside?

  • The entire FLP file (Fruity Loops project) of this rawstyle kick tail.
  • The WAV file of this rawstyle kick tail.

What if this project doesn’t work?

If for some reason the kick in the FL Studio project sounds different then you’d expect, please be aware of this:

  • This rawstyle tail is made in FL Studio 12.4.1. Depending on which version you have, it could sound a little bit different.
  • The audio settings I use could be different than yours. I’m using a sample rate of 44100 Hz and a 512-point sinc resampling quality.

If you still have any problems with this project, just send me a quick message. We either find a solution or you will get your money back. I’m only happy if you’re happy. There’s absolutely no risk for you.