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In this video there’s a quick setup of a 3x Osc hardstyle lead & melody in FL Studio. It’s a short snippet that shows a very simple song structure and melody buildup.

Musical trick

One of the tricks I often apply is: musical buildup. What I mean by that is adding musical layers over time or changing notes (different emphasizes) at certain times in a song.

In this video you can clearly hear the distinction between the first part and second part. In the first part you think: “okay nice, not bad”. But then comes the second part that adds a whole new layer and it totally changes the perception. It should give you the feeling that it’s better and more epic than the first part.

This doesn’t mean you change the melody or the loop in the first part. You can keep it. Just add another layer that plays a different melody with the same musical scale and chords.

Keep it simple

Even if you keep it really simple (just some on-beat notes or something), it can sound much more professional and musical intelligent.

When you see more of my snippets (videos), you’ll probably notice that I apply this trick very often.

It might take you some practice to do this, but at the end, your songs will sound much more musically professional. Just keep this trick in the back of your mind the next time.

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– Cep
Music producer & creator of Screech House

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