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BEST NEW TRANCE SONG 2021 | Progressive Trance Music in FL Studio (New Year Trance Celebration Mix)

Trance music never gets old! That’s why to celebrate the 2021 new year, I am sharing with you a new euphoric trance song created in FL Studio. (Watch the video!)

New trance song

Well… actually, if you’re familiar with my EDM content, you know I usually share short snippets. This is no different. We’ll get straight to the point. This way, you can loop the tune over and over again until you finally vomit.

Trance music challenge

Fun fact: this trance melody only has 4 notes! Yep. All the notes, chords and layers in this snippet only need 4 keys. I challenge you to give that a try…

Of course, you DO need to know a thing or two about music theory. Luckily, this is a piece of cake with The Ultimate Melody Guide. Click this link to start straight away while the guide is still live.

Happy new year!

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