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DO YOU WANT A HARDSTYLE GATED KICK TUTORIAL? YES/NO? (How to Make a Gated Reverb Kick in FL Studio)

Quick question this time: do you want to see a new hardstyle gated kick tutorial of the kick in this video?

Hardstyle gated kick tutorial

You see, lately some of my subscribers asked me to do a video and explain how to make gated kicks. Now, I never really focused on making gated kicks, but I decided to give it a first shot this week on my laptop. You can listen to the result in the video.

Now, I don’t know exactly what type of kick you’re aspiring to create. Obviously, there are a wide variety in different genres, such as hard trance, hardstyle and techno. But I simply don’t have the time to experiment and build many unique kicks from scratch.

Do you want to see a hardstyle gated kick tutorial?

So, the question is: do you like to see a tutorial video about the particular gated kick in this video? And does this come close to the type of kick you wish to make? I ask this, because making in-depth tutorials are extremely time-consuming.

Simply leave your comment below the video and if more than 20 people want me to do a tutorial video, you can expect one to come. I will also look at the likes of this video, so liking it will definitely help.

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All right. Thanks already for your feedback and I’ll read you in the comments section.

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