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EVOLUTION OF CUBASE | Steinberg Cubase History (Versions Comparison from Cubase 1.0 to Cubase 11)

Steinberg Cubase, founded in 1989, is a well-known D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation) for music producers. That’s why; let’s take a brief look at the impressive evolution of Cubase and capture the history of all Steinberg Cubase versions to date.

Evolution of Cubase

Starting with Cubase 1.0 for Atari in 1989 all the way to version 11 released in 2020 which is currently the latest major release. So, buckle up and let’s explore the legendary Cubase timeline.

Evolution of Cubase versions

  • 1989 Cubase 1.0 Atari (Cubase was MIDI only and ran on the Atari 520ST & 1040ST computers.)
  • 1990 Cubase 2.0 Atari
  • 1992 Cubase 3.0 Atari
  • 1992 Cubase 1.0 Windows (The first Cubase version for Windows 3.)
  • 1996 Cubase 2.8 Windows
  • 1997 Cubase VST 3.5 (Steinberg increased its share of MIDI + audio sequencers with the Virtual Studio Technology (VST) versions of Cubase.)
  • 1998 Cubase VST 4.0 (Cubase VST 4.0 & 4.1 are for Macintosh only.)
  • 1999 Cubase VST 3.7 Windows (This version introduced VST 2.0 and the concept of VST instruments.)
  • 2000 Cubase VST 5.0
  • 2002 Cubase SX/SL 1 (Cubase SX 1.0 was released as the next generation after Cubase VST.)
  • 2003 Cubase SX/SL 2 (Cubase SX 2.0 was hailed by many as a huge leap in functionality.)
  • 2004 Cubase SX 3
  • 2006 Cubase 4 (Cubase 4.0 marked the end of the SX, SL & SE designations.)
  • 2009 Cubase 5
  • 2011 Cubase 6 (Cubase 6.0 was designed to run on 64-bit Windows 7.)
  • 2012 Cubase 7
  • 2014 Cubase 8
  • 2016 Cubase 9
  • 2018 Cubase 10
  • 2020 Cubase 11 (The last major release to date.)

Evolution of FL Studio & Ableton Live

Cubase isn’t the only application to make music on a computer. Some other so-called D.A.W.s are also extremely popular, such as FL Studio or Ableton Live. Both these software packages have made legendary improvements as well.

You can find out exactly what happened by watching the evolution of FL Studio and evolution of Ableton Live.

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