FL STUDIO EXPORT PROBLEMS: 3xOsc Rendering Sounds Different (High Frequencies are Missing) | HQ

In this lesson you’ll learn how to fix one of the FL Studio export problems caused by the 3x Osc. What happens it that the 3x Osc rendering sounds different than the 3x Osc playing in your project. It’s like the high frequencies are missing in the rendered WAV file.

So, if you ever use the 3x Osc in FL Studio, please be aware of the following information.

The important rendering settings

A while ago I was noticing that the quality of my 3xOsc lead was differently in FL Studio than my exported WAV file. My WAV file clearly had less high frequencies than my FL Studio project. So, there was a problem.

It took me a while to figure this out, but it had to do with the rendering settings. When you export your song to a WAV file, you’ll get some options. For some reason the trick was to DISABLE the “HQ for all plugins” option.

Why the rendering sounds different

When you export your song and you DO check this option, all the 3xOsc sounds have less high frequencies. They lose quality. However, when you export your song and you DON’T check this option, all the 3xOsc sounds sound the same as in FL Studio. The quality is preserved.

This seems contradictory, because you’d think that checking the “HQ for all plugins” option would actually make the quality better. Well, not in this case.

3xOsc aliasing

After some more research and a good tip from a viewer (thank you Christian), it seems that the 3x Osc “aliases” within FL Studio. Aliasing basically result in extra higher frequencies or unwanted harmonics. It’s a form of digital distortion that occurs when a signal has more than 2 times its sample frequency.

As far as the 3x Osc goes, this is what happens when you play it in FL Studio. It can start to alias and this creates some extra higher frequencies. It can not be changed in FL Studio itself. In this particular case, it sounds better. But that doesn’t always have to be this way.

Anti-aliasing rendering

When you enable the “HQ for all plugins” in your export settings, the 3x Osc rendering will go into an anti-aliasing process. This just means that the unwanted distortion or harmonics will disappear. In our case, the extra higher frequencies will be gone.

Is aliasing good or bad?

In general, aliasing isn’t a good thing. But if it doesn’t interfere with the quality of your song, it’s not a huge problem. Just be aware that the 3x Osc can have this glitch, which can change the quality in your rendered sounds.


For this lesson, the following FL Studio stock plugins were used:

  • 3x Osc

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