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FREE SHOWTEK HARDSTYLE LEAD FLP | Download my Showtek Lead FL Studio Project for Free (Giveaway)

Good news: I am giving away my Showtek lead FL Studio project for free! Read this post so you know how to download the entire Showtek lead FLP file.

Showtek lead FL Studio tutorial

In the previous post, I shared a complete Showtek hardstyle lead tutorial. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. At the end, I told you how to download the corresponding FLP file for free. However, I can see that many of you didn’t watch until the very end and may have missed the message.

FREE Showtek lead FL Studio project

That’s why, if you have missed it, let me share the download link one more time. Just click the link below right now and it will guide you to a page where you can download the entire FL Studio project file for free.

By the way, you may also find the download link under the downloads section of this website (under FL Studio projects).

FREE Synth1 VST plugin

Also, let me share another link where you can download the free Synth1 synthesizer. Synth1 is the synthesizer used to create the Showtek hardstyle lead in my project. You can download it here:

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Finally, if you haven’t watched the entire Showtek hardstyle lead tutorial yet, click this link to do that right now. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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