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HARDSTYLE SYNTH SYTRUS | How to Make Hardstyle Synth | Sytrus Hardstyle Lead FL Studio (Tutorial)

In this lesson you’ll learn how to make a hardstyle synth with Sytrus in FL Studio. This Sytrus hardstyle lead tutorial actually shows you 2 Sytrus synths playing together. One for the chords and one for the main melody.

Sytrus sound design

Sytrus is a FL Studio stock plugin with great sound design possibilities. However, it sometimes can be a little bit hard to understand this plugin. Hopefully this lesson can help you understand it a little bit more.

For this hardstyle synth setup, I only used Sytrus. There are no external effects being used. Except for a waveshaper to limit the signal (it doesn’t change the sound).

How to make a Sytrus hardstyle synth

For the hardstyle lead I made 2 layers: 1 for the melody & 1 for the chords. It’s best to watch them in action in the video and look at all the settings. But let me briefly give you a few tips here…

Sytrus hardstyle synth melody

  • For the melody lead I enabled 2 oscillators. 1 plays a lower octave, the other plays a higher octave.
  • On the “MAIN” tab of Sytrus I gave them 7 voices with some detune.
  • On the “PITCH” settings of each oscillator , I created a fast incline for the hardstyle synth to have glide-ish effect. I also gave it a pitch LFO for some vibration.
  • On the FX section, I simply used a chorus (with 7 voices), a reverb and a delay.

Now, it’s important to route the sections you’ve used to the output on the matrix. Else you don’t hear the sections you’ve used.

In this example it means that I had to route oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 to the “OUT” by opening the entire knob. If we want the FX (effects) to be applied, we need to open up the “FX” knob for each oscillator we want it to apply to.

Sytrus hardstyle synth chords

The second Sytrus hardstyle synth is the chords lead. For the chords lead many settings are the same as the melody lead. Except the chords lead is a little bit less detuned and there are no pitch settings.

This creates a more supersaw type of sound. A supersaw type of sound is very well suited for making chords. To learn more about supersaws I invite you to check out the How to Make a Supersaw in FL Studio lesson.

Sytrus hardstyle screech & Sytrus hardstyle kick

If you’d like to learn more about Sytrus, I’ve also made a Sytrus Hardstyle Screech lesson and a Sytrus Hardstyle Kick lesson. Feel free to check them out!


In this lesson, the following FL Studio stock plugins were used:

  • Sytrus

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