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INSTALL VST PLUGINS FL STUDIO | How to Install VST Plugins in FL Studio | Add VST to FL Studio VST

In this lesson you’ll learn how to install VST Plugins in FL Studio. If you don’t know exactly how to add a VST in FL Studio, this lesson is for you.

How to install a VST plugin

First, you need to install your VST plugin on your computer by using its setup. Just go to the setup file on your hard drive and run it. Normally, you have to click on the “Next” button a few times to continue with the installation.

In the example in the video I’m installing Sylenth1. These days plugins have a 32-bits and/or 64-bits option. You can install both or just one of the two.

Typically, you get the option to tell the setup in which directory you want to install the files. Just pick the standard location or choose a logical one. But you also got to determine the locations of the 32-bits and 64-bits VST plugin files. These locations will FL Studio recognize to find plugins.

Choose this location for the 32-bits VST:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins

Choose this location for the 64-bits VST:

C:\Program Files\Vstplugins

When that’s set correctly, click next and install the plugin.

This setup process might be a little bit different for each plugin. But as long as you choose the right installation folders, you’re good!

How to add a VST instrument in FL Studio

Now, let’s go to FL Studio and add the plugin, so you can use it. Go to “Add” and select “More plugins…” This method is for INSTRUMENTS. A plugin window will appear where you then need to click “Manage plugins” at the bottom. In the new window that appears you can really manage all your plugins. When you look at the left, you can see all the locations FL Studio uses to find VST Plugins.

To find your just-installed plugin, click the “Start scan” button at the top. FL Studio will quickly scan all those directories to find any new plugins. You will see a (big) list of all the installed plugins. Now you only need to find the one you just installed. When you’ve found your plugin, simply click the check-mark next to it. It should become white, which means it’s added to your plugins channel list.

To use your plugin, go to “Add” and select the plugin from this list. You can now build sounds and songs using your VST INSTRUMENT.

How to add a VST effects in FL Studio

But what about EFFECTS (FX) for the mixer? Those are also VST plugins, but should ideally be added differently. To use effect (FX) VSTs, you also have to find them, but add them to your mixer plugins list. So, just open the mixer (click “View” and then “Mixer”). Click on an empty slot (it doesn’t matter which one) and select “More plugins”. Now you’ll get the exact same process as before.

Click “Manage plugins” to get the Plugin Manager. Now perform a new scan again. FL Studio will find any new VST plugins. When the scan is ready, find your just-installed plugin and make sure to click the check-mark next to it. This will add the plugin to your Mixer’s effects list. So, the check-mark should be white. When it’s grey it gets NOT added to your mixer’s effect list.

To use your new effect (FX) VST plugin, click on an empty slot again. Then find and select the plugin. You can now build sounds and songs using your VST EFFECT (FX).


For this lesson, the following plugins were used:

  • Sylenth1

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