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HOW TO MAKE A TRANCE LEAD IN FL STUDIO | Trance Lead Tutorial | Sylenth1 Trance

In this lesson you’ll learn you how to make a trance lead in FL Studio using Sylenth1. For this typical supersaw synth, use the following settings:

  • Use 2 saw-type oscillators with 7 or 8 voices.
  • Detune and stereo-spread both oscillators.
  • Add some release to the sound.
  • Use a chorus for slightly more detune and movement.

Mixer effects

After you’ve set the synth, route it to a free mixer track. On the mixer you can now add the following effects:

  • An equalizer to add some high frequencies to the lead.
  • A limiter or distortion tool to boost the volume a little bit.
  • A reverb to give the lead a sense of space and fullness.

Reverb trick

It’s often a good idea to add the reverb to a different insert track or “send channel” on your mixer. This allows for full control over your reverb, without affecting the actual lead sound. It also makes it possible to use the same reverb for different instruments. This helps to save some CPU.

When you do this, it’s important for your reverb to be 100% wet (no dry signal). So, when you feed your lead into that insert track, it doesn’t get extra “dry” volume added to the already loud sound.

To feed the lead into the reverb track, simply use the little feed knob at the bottom of the mixer. So, select your lead’s insert track and then use the feed knob at the bottom of the reverb track. The higher the value of this knob, the more reverb gets added to the signal. You can just use the amount that sounds pleasing to you.

Shape your reverb

By giving the reverb a unique insert track (or “send channel”), you can also add effects that shapes the reverb. You can add a chorus to give the reverb some movement, add an equalizer to remove some frequencies, add a compressor, limiter, distortion plugin or anything for that matter.

Make a melody & chords

When the sound of the lead is finished, it’s time to make a melody or some chords. For trance, you typically want to make chords with this type of lead. This really gives it that trance feel to it. Just be creative!

If you want to learn more about making melodies and chords, I really encourage you to visit my How to Make a Melody in FL Studio lesson and the How to Make Chords in FL Studio lesson.

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