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Rawstyle Kick Tail Project



Instantly shortcut your rawstyle kick-building learning curve

The “Rawstyle Kick Tail Project” is a downloadable FL Studio file with a state-of-the-art rawstyle tail inside. A rawstyle tail is a distorted kick-drum specifically designed for the rawstyle genre.

The distorted tail part of a kick-drum is incredibly difficult to make. It should have the right shape, quality and sound, which is absolutely vital for getting a professional rawstyle track.

That’s why for a ridiculously beneficial price, you can now obtain a ready-made rawstyle tail released by EDM expert Cep from Screech House. Cep wants to give you the opportunity to download his project and empower you with the ability to directly modify all the settings and effects.

What’s inside the Rawstyle Kick Tail Project?

The Rawstyle Kick Tail Project is produced in the FL Studio application. Therefore, it’s only accessible for FL Studio users and Screech House visitors. If you are an FL Studio user, you’re in luck. This is what you will find inside:

  • The entire FLP file (Fruity Loops project) of this rawstyle kick tail, including all effects and settings.
  • All effects and synthesizer are 100% FL Studio stock plugins. No need for third-party software or expensive hardware. You can instantly open everything with just FL Studio.
  • A high-quality WAV file of the rawstyle kick tail that you can preview here:

When you have downloaded the project, you are free to decide how to use this material. You can edit it, use it in your songs, but also release it commercially.

What if this project doesn’t work?

Until this day, there has yet to be a single customer who wasn’t satisfied with this well-received rawstyle project. But if for some reason the kick in the FL Studio project is different then you’d expect, please be aware of this:

  • The rawstyle kick tail is made in FL Studio 12.4.1. Depending on which version you have, it could sound a little bit different.
  • The audio settings used in the project could be different than yours. Make sure to use a sample rate of 44100 Hz and a resampling quality of 512-point sinc.

If you do happen to have any problems with this project, then no worries. Just send a quick message. Either you will get a perfect solution or you will get a full refund.

Benefit today from this one-time offer