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THE BIGGEST MIXING MISTAKE TO AVOID | How to Make Your Mix Sound 1000x Better with LESS Effort

Let’s talk about the biggest mixing mistake to avoid if you want to become a successful music producer. In fact, by doing LESS, you can make your mix sound 1000x better. Let me explain…

The biggest mixing mistake to avoid

Sometimes, I’m listening to your mixes and songs. What I usually notice is a big mixing mistake that you don’t really have to make. This mixing mistake is using bad samples.

The problem with mixing bad samples

If you’re using bad samples, you’re building a song with sounds that are fundamentally flawed. You see, bad samples can miss some elements or frequencies that you cannot create out of thin air. No matter the mixing effort, it’s basically impossible to fix this.

Therefore, the problem arises when you use low-quality samples, stack them on top of each other and then put in a lot of mixing effort to make it sound right. Now, this can definitely result in a cool and unique project, but in the end it’s a losing battle and you will end up with a mediocre mix at best.

How to make your mix sound better instantly

That’s why; avoid using bad samples and build your track with a solid foundation. So, you always want to start with good solid samples.

Free high-quality hardstyle sample pack

For that reason, I’ve released the immense popular hardstyle sample pack. It contains many high-quality EDM samples that you can use immediately. So, if you haven’t yet, click the link, download it for free and you can start building your track with good samples.

Don’t make any new mixing mistake

Now, all of this doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any mixing anymore. Of course, you still need to mix your song and make everything sound right. However, it will be much easier to get a higher level of quality right from the get-go. It will take less effort.

So, make sure to use great samples and I guarantee your mix will flourish and all elements will fall into place more smoothly. A really easy tip, but invaluable for saving headaches.

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