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THE SECRET TO A POWERFUL HARDSTYLE KICK: Reverb Kick Drum (FL Studio Hardstyle Kick Sound Design)

Hardstyle kick reverb explained: how do you actually make a hardstyle kick big and powerful? You will find a very quick answer in today’s post.

Why you should use reverb for your hardstyle kick

Have you ever tried using a reverb in your hardstyle kick effects chain? If so, that’s awesome. You see, reverb functions in a way that it gives your kick a sense of space and serves as a fusion tool. Also, it can create a nice stereo effect. But above all, it can produce extra crunchiness, power and pressure, depending on how you use it. And that in particular is what we want for our hardstyle kick.

How to use reverb for your hardstyle kick

Now, there are many different reverb plugins “out there”, each having their own flavor and effect on the sound. Therefore, simply pick your favorite reverb plugin and experiment with its settings.

Reverb room size & decay time

What you want to pay attention to is the room size and decay time. It can work well to select a small to medium room and to use a relatively short decay time. For example, 0.5 seconds or anything like that.

Reverb wet level

As a word of caution: don’t drown your kick in reverb by giving it a too high “wet” level. Similarly, don’t dry your kick out with a too low “wet” level. Usually, a medium amount, let’s say between 30 and 60% is about right. This is quite different from the amount of reverb you typically use for hardstyle leads, as I advise in the Supersaw FL Studio instruction guide.

A hardstyle kick with multiple reverbs

Finally, you may want to experiment with including two or even three reverbs in your effects chain, whereas the first one can easily be added as the third or fourth effect.

Did you already know about this and were you already using reverbs for your hardstyle kicks? Let me know in the comments.

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