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TOP 10 MOST POPULAR EDM GENRES | Best EDM Subgenres (Ranking EDM Music Styles in EDM Genre Chart)

Let’s find out what are the most popular EDM genres according to Google Trends. The idea for this post was suggested by one of my subscribers. So if you also have a suggestion, drop it down below and maybe I’ll pick your idea next.

Top EDM genres

The top EDM genres will be battling it out in an epic mashup. In no particular order, this is the list of contenders:

  • Trance
  • Hardstyle
  • House
  • Techno
  • Drum & bass
  • Dubstep
  • Breakbeat
  • Gabber
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Jungle

Ranking the top 10 most popular EDM genres from 2004

The ranking data goes back to 2004 and that’s where we start our evolution of the best EDM subgenres. In that year, these were the top 10 most popular electronic music styles:

  1. Techno
  2. Trance
  3. House
  4. Electronic
  5. Drum & bass
  6. Ambient
  7. Breakbeat
  8. Gabber
  9. Industrial
  10. Jungle

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Most popular EDM genres today

If you want to know what are the most popular EDM genres of today, make sure to watch the video until the end. If you do that, you will see the EDM ranking history as a time lapse in a dynamic chart. All the way until this day.

What is your favorite EDM genre?

If I had to choose my favorite type of Electronic Dance Music, it would be hardstyle or trance. But now I want to know; what is your favorite EDM genre? Are you very specific or can you enjoy many different styles?

Leave your comment down below, because I want to know. And if you could do me a favor, please share this post around among your friends. Let’s try to make this the strongest EDM community on the internet.

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