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Cep from Screech House, a high-skilled Dutch EDM producer, CEO and international best-selling author.

Cep is single-handedly responsible for the success of thousands of producers worldwide. They finally had their breakthrough by using Cep’s notorious, but exclusive “less is more” strategies.

Music producer challenges

Cep’s rise to success did not come easily. The amount of time and energy he had to put in is unheard of. This came with inevitable consequences…

Most people didn’t understand Cep’s career path and quietly gave up on him. Without any support, he had to deal with all the struggles and frustration that comes with becoming a professional artist. This almost led him to give up his dreams on many occasions.

But there was something inside of Cep that kept him going. Locked away inside a tiny room he had one mission and one mission only: being the absolute best in creating exceptional high-quality songs on a simple computer. He just had to succeed. And that’s exactly what he did.

But once his music far surpassed that desired professional level, Cep wanted to quit. For good. He felt that it wasn’t his calling in life anymore. He felt a much bigger calling was waiting: giving people the lifetime opportunity to replicate his success.

Music production shortcuts

After more than a decade, he worked himself into the powerful position to show everybody how to get the same results. He feels responsible for sharing the truth and giving people ultimate shortcuts in making their own music. This gave birth to Screech House, the definitive platform for making electronic dance music, mainly in FL Studio.

Cep wants to show you how to keep it simple and still yield incredible professional results. He strongly believes in removing the fancy tools or equipment and only focusing on the essential basics. This means that, when you discover his techniques, you will understand that high-quality music always follows the same proven tricks and secrets.

How to become a successful music producer

Now, Cep’s work isn’t just for everyone. He advocates that only dedicated producers will ever get to the top. That’s why he has a big preference of only sharing his work with people that are highly committed. They need to have a learning mindset.

If you think you have the learning mindset, Cep’s books are must-reads. They offer you to do less work, yet get much better results. How is this possible, you may ask? Simple. You don’t understand the essential music-making basics well enough yet. Because if you do, creating a professional song becomes a walk in the park.

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