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SUPERSAW FL STUDIO | How to Make a Fat Supersaw Lead in FL Studio for EDM Production (3xOsc Synth)

For decades, there has never been a sound so absurdly dominant, that you just have to know its mighty recipe…

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Supersaw FL Studio instruction guide

The supersaw secrets of the pros unraveled

Making a lead sound professional can be extremely difficult and seemingly impossible. How the heck do the pros get these loud, clean and big supersaws in their songs? And how on earth can you get the exact same results? Clearly, they know some EDM production secrets that you don’t.

But what most people don’t realize is that, if you know the right strategies, making a fat supersaw synth is easier than riding a bike. In fact, with only one FL Studio synthesizer and a few basic tweaks, you too can get the same remarkable results.

Meet the first supersaw instruction guide for beginners

That’s why you can now obtain the unique Supersaw FL Studio instruction guide. By simply following it, you will get an ultimate template to design your own professional detuned supersaw lead in FL Studio. With 5 easy-to-take steps, you will instantly unlock the hidden power of FL Studio’s stock synthesizer “3x Osc”. Thereby, this is all you have to do:

  1. Start with a detuned saw by using the 3xOsc in FL Studio.
  2. Give it a natural shape by taking advantage of a volume envelope.
  3. Unlock its superpowers by learning how to use fat mode in FL Studio.
  4. Quickly fine-tune your supersaw on the FL Studio Channel Rack.
  5. Finally, reach that sought-after professional quality by using the Mixer in FL Studio.

Curious what to expect?

Never blindly believe everything you read. That’s why; watch the short video above that demonstrates the exact results your are going to achieve today.

Ready for your breakthrough?

If you’re currently unhappy with how your songs sound or if you’re learning how to make EDM music, this is your chance to benefit from this exclusive material. Start now by clicking this link:

Supersaw FL Studio instruction guide

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Supersaw FL Studio

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