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THE RISE AND FALL OF MUSIC DOWNLOADS | Evolution of Song Download in the US (Digital Music Online)

Let’s take a quick look at the rise and fall of music downloads. For this post, we’re only going to look at the evolution of song download in the US.

The rise and fall of music downloads

Back in the early 2000s, internet access was growing at a rapid rate. This gave rise to online digital music. However, the internet landscape has always been changing rapidly. And so, our beloved digital download era may soon come to a halt.

Or will it? You may be in for a surprise when you watch the video…

Evolution of music formats

Besides digital downloads, music has always come in many formats. Throughout history, we have seen immense popular media, such as the vinyl, cassette and CD. Do you still remember those?

If you click this link, you can watch the incredible evolution of music formats. It always amazes me how much things can change in just a few decades.

Make your own music

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