The Hardstyle Mixing & Mastering Course™ is offline. You can now learn the best mixing strategies in the new Mixing EDM Music guide.


Sometimes personal and specific attention is the only way to get unstuck and become successful as a producer. That’s why today you can take advantage from a one-on-one interaction with the founder of Screech House and obtain Cep’s Mentorship™.

Cep’s Mentorship™ will give you the incredible opportunity to get tailored feedback and personal assistance from a high-skilled EDM specialist. Within the comfort of your own environment you can now work with Cep and immediately supercharge your music and skills as a producer.

Whether you need a single session or long-term collaboration, you can expect to get your breakthrough. Cep’s results are unusual. Of course, this amazing shortcut comes with a price tag. However, most people realize it’s only a small investment for the lifelong returns it will yield.

Request Cep’s Mentorship™

Obtaining Cep’s Mentorship™ is only reserved for a handful of new clients each month. If you want to claim one of the available spots, apply now by filling in the fields below. Once you qualify to be his newest client, Cep will contact you to provide the details and consultation options.