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Beginner’s library

Screech House provides a selection of core lessons every beginner and new music producer must understand first. By starting with these topics, you can take a smart shortcut and quickly gain the essential information to boost your song-making capabilities.

How to use FL Studio

Learning how to work with your Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.) is the absolute first step you have to take. If you don’t know the way in your music-making application, it’s merely impossible to call yourself a music producer. That’s why the lessons below will teach you how to work with the popular Digital Audio Workstation: FL Studio.

If you’re new to FL Studio but you want to make songs fast, you can take the ultimate shortcut by getting a copy of the FL Studio Beginner’s Guide. You will find everything in there that you absolutely need to know about as a beginner, without any unnecessary overcomplications.

The FL Studio Beginner’s Guide comes as a best-selling standalone title, but is also included in one of the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 bundles. Just click on the images below to obtain your own copy.

How to make melodies (music theory)

After you understand the basics of your D.A.W., it’s time to discover how to make original melodies. In most genres, melodies form the foundation of a song and appeal the most to listeners. In order to create musical pleasing results, you will have to learn the essential basics of music theory. Thereby, the lessons below will help.

However, when you want to replicate all the impressive melodic results on Screech House, get your edition of The Ultimate Melody Guide. Even without knowing anything about music theory, you can also start to make your own professional melodies today.

The Ultimate Melody Guide comes as a popular standalone title, but is also included in the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 bundles. By clicking the images below, you can immediately start reading.

How to make sounds (sound design & synthesis)

Being an excellent producer requires much more than making some catchy tunes. Each tune also needs to have its own sound. In fact, each musical instrument needs to have its own sound. That’s where synthesis and sound design come in. Learning how to do synthesis and sound design will give you the skills necessary to carefully create all the sounds for your track. Start to obtain these skills with the lessons below.

Nevertheless, if you are currently failing with making powerful sounds for your track, ask yourself: do you understand your synthesizer well enough to achieve high-quality sound design? If the true answer is “no”, you should learn the essential basics of synthesis first.

Synthesis is at the very core of sound design and can easily be learned by reading the Sound Design for Beginners guide. This guide will teach you exactly how the basic settings on your synthesizer work to produce an endless variety of different sounds.

The Sound Design for Beginners guide is a jam-packed standalone book, but also fully included in the ultimate 3-in-1 FL Studio beginner’s package. Start by clicking the images below.

How to use mixer effects (mixing)

Once you know the basics of music theory and sound design, it’s finally time for some mixing. Mixing is the art of making each instrument in your track work together and create a balanced whole. A good mix should be loud, clean and powerful. To achieve that, you will need some lessons to understand how a mix can be positively or negatively affected by almost any choice you make.

Mixing is undeniably one of the most complicated aspects a music producer has to deal with. A mix literally makes or breaks your track. Inevitably, you are going to make many unnecessary mistakes.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to learn how to use a mixer first in Mixer Explained. This will save you many unnecessary mistakes.

After that, you must know how to mix properly. If you don’t your song will end up being a complete mess. Hence, make sure to grab a copy of Mixing EDM Music. Mixing EDM Music will prevent you from making many failures and provide you with rules that always yield results.

Mixing EDM Music and Mixer Explained can be obtained as original standalone titles. You can also choose to get the EDM Production Secrets bundle in which the EDM Mixing Guide is fully included. If you click the images below, you can directly secure a copy.


The list of lessons on this page is incomplete and deliberately limited to avoid complexity. If you need more help, feel free to explore all the other valuable lessons, books and courses Screech House has to offer. Furthermore, visit Screech House on YouTube and subscribe to stay up to date for any important future content.

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