The Hardstyle Mixing & Mastering Course™ is offline. You can now learn the best mixing strategies in the new Mixing EDM Music guide.

Templates & patches

Instantly download free midi & score files or presets & soundbanks below. They’re only available for Screech House visitors, and easily kickstart the quality of your melodies, sounds and songs.

Most of Screech House‘s work, including templates & patches, can be found in the free Hardstyle Sample Pack for Members. If you haven’t already, click the link to download the entire pack. Nevertheless, you might find some material here that hasn’t been added (yet).

Midi & scores

Midi & score files usually consist of melodies or rhythms for the Channel Rack or Piano Roll in FL Studio. Learn how to open midi (.mid) or score (.fsc) files by visiting the How to Import or Export a Melody lesson.

Presets & soundbanks

Presets & soundbanks are premade settings for instruments, effects or tracks. They allow you to instantly use ready-made sounds or setups in synthesizers and D.A.W.s. Learn how to open presets or soundbanks by consulting your synthesizer’s or D.A.W.’s help function.