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EPIC HARDSTYLE MELODY | Working on a New Euphoric Hardstyle Melody in FL Studio (Using Sylenth1)

In this lesson you can listen to an euphoric hardstyle melody in FL Studio, made with Sylenth1. It’s more of a peek behind the scenes to share a work in progress and give some joy.

Hardstyle melody leads

This euphoric hardstyle melody consists of 3 different Sylenth1 leads:

  1. Distorted lead (plays the main melody). Learn how to make such a lead by visiting my Sylenth1 Hardstyle Lead lesson.
  2. Chords (plays the chords belonging to the melody). Learn how to make chords by visiting my How to Make Chords in FL Studio lesson.
  3. Bass (plays the lower layer of the melody).

In the beginning of the video, you can listen to each lead individually.

Making music is like taking a dump

When I uploaded the video for the first time, I realized it needed some changes. So, I re-uploaded it and put a message in the beginning of the video.

The main takeaway from that message is: listening to the same loops (sounds) for too long messes up your perspective. What this is means is that when you’re emerged in a project, you can lose a sense of “right and wrong” the longer you’re into it.

I always compare it to taking a dump on the toilet. In the very beginning you can still smell your own “oder”. But after 10 minutes, you don’t smell anything anymore. Your senses get calibrated or paralyzed to the stimulus.

This is what happens with making music, and also this project. That’s why it’s a good idea to take breaks regularly and re-calibrate your senses. Or even, put your project aside for a longer amount of time and come back to it after a few weeks.

It’s not so bad after all

But when I listen to the melody right now, it actually sounds really cool. May be it’s not so bad after all. This is why changing your perspective is so important. I could have deleted it when I felt it wasn’t that good. Luckily I didn’t.


For this lesson, the following plugins were used:

  • Sylenth1

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– Cep
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