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HOW TO EQ HARDSTYLE KICK CORRECTLY: Mid & Higher Frequencies (How to Equalize Kick Drum FL Studio)

EQ hardstyle kick: how do you actually do it correctly? You will find a quick answer in this post.

EQ hardstyle kick: mid frequencies

Here’s one tip you’ve probably already heard many times before: add a bunch of mid frequencies with an equalizer. The mid frequencies are essential for the characteristics of a hardstyle kick. But it’s also important to do it right. Else, your kick may end up too hollow or too shallow.

How to add mid frequencies to your hardstyle kick

So, how do you do it right? Well, it depends on many variables, but here are some guidelines that may work for you:

  • Add the mid frequencies quite early in your mixer effects chain. Preferably right after the first distortion.
  • Then, aim somewhere between 400 to 900 Hz, depending on your preferences.
  • Also, add a good amount of around 12 to 24 db.

Thereby, use a bell curve on your equalizer and play around with the steepness of the band. A wide band fills the whole kick with a wider arrange of mid frequencies, while a narrow band produces a punchier type of emphasis.

Restore the balance

Now, adding mid frequencies will boost the kick in this range of the spectrum. Thus, to bring back some balance, you may want to reduce the mid frequencies a little bit later in your effects chain.

Another way of restoring the balance is by simply boosting the lower and higher frequencies, which we will talk about next.

EQ hardstyle kick: higher frequencies

High frequencies are important. They provide well-needed freshness and clarity. In a way, having plenty of higher frequencies boost the perceived quality. On top of that, adding them will also restore the frequency balance of the sound, especially after amplifying the mid frequencies.

How to add higher frequencies to your hardstyle kick

That’s why it’s very fruitful to use your equalizers to include a bunch of higher frequencies. Thereby, you have to use your ears to hear how much your kick actually needs.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Just play around with a so-called “high shelf” band on an equalizer and center it anywhere around 1500 Hz all the way up to even 12000 Hz. Hell, even 800 Hz can produce outstanding results.

As for everything, you can be more aggressive with your approach in the beginning and usually more subtle towards the end.

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