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HOW TO MAKE A HARDSTYLE KICK EFFECTS CHAIN: Distortion & EQ (Hardstyle Kick Sound Design Tricks)

In this quick lesson, you will learn how to actually make a hardstyle kick effects chain. The hardstyle kick effects chain consists of a combination of effects on the Mixer. Thereby, it’s your job to structure them correctly.

In order to do it correctly, you have to start with this general idea: a hardstyle kick can emerge by using mostly equalizers and distortions. Equalizers and distortions are Mixer plugins (VSTs) you can use to distort the audio signal or change the frequency balance of a sound.

How to make a hardstyle kick effects chain

Now, the common advise out there is: use multiple equalizers and distortions to create a hardstyle kick. So, yes. We have to stay true to that. You DO want to use multiple equalizers and distortions to create a hardstyle kick. Thereby, you typically want to alternate them alongside other effects.

More on that in another post, but in short; putting an equalizer before a distortion shapes the signal the distortion has to work with. This results in unique sounds which gives you ultimate control over your hardstyle kick-building process.

Be aware, you probably also need to use some other effects to get a professional result, like a reverb or filter plugin. However, these are topics for another lesson.

Distortion and equalization

As a point of attention though, you typically want to “EQ” and “distort” more aggressively in the beginning of your effects chain and more subtle towards the end. Else, if you overdo it, you may destroy the crunchy quality of the kick. And that’s not something we want.

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