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HOW TO START MAKING A HARDSTYLE KICK: Best Hardstyle Kick Sound Design Tricks (FL Studio Hardstyle)

In this short lesson, you will learn how to actually start making a hardstyle kick. The start of a hardstyle kick is essential if you want it to get it to sound right.

As for demonstration purposes, let’s use a kick tail in FL Studio (watch the video). The tail is the part where you shape the hardstyle kick and give it its characteristics. It’s not yet a complete hardstyle kick but serves as a great example for today’s lesson.

How to start making a hardstyle kick

Before you can build your hardstyle kick, you need to have an audio signal to work with. Typically, people advice you to use a 909 kickdrum sample or drum machine. This is very solid advice, but it works just as well when you start with a plain old sine or triangle wave.

You can find a sine or triangle wave on basically any synthesizer out there. Just look on the oscillator’s section where you can select the right waveform.

Give your hardstyle kick a pitch-drop

Based on personal taste, give your sine or triangle a quick pitch-drop at the start of the sound, using the pitch envelope. This will produce a punch that brings the kick into existence.

Play a note in the sub bass area

Of course, don’t forget to play a note to produce an actual audio signal. Thereby, shoot for a note at a fundamental frequency in the sub bass area. This is usually somewhere between E3 and A#3.

It’s best to pick a note that is in line with the root note of your melody. This ensures your kick plays in harmony with it.

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Send the hardstyle kick to the mixer

Lastly, make sure to send your instrument to the mixer where you can add a bunch of effects to transform it into a massive hardstyle kick.

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