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MODERN HARDSTYLE KICK EFFECT: How to Make a Filter Sweep (FL Studio Hardstyle Kick Sound Design)

How do you actually make a hardstyle kick more modern with a filter sweep effect? You will find a quick answer in this post.

Why your hardstyle kick needs a filter sweep

I already dedicated an entire video on this topic, that you can easily lookup by clicking this link How to Use Fruity Love Philter, but in short; a filter sweep will make your hardstyle kick more dynamic. It adds extra bark and bounce, which in a way can sound heavier.

Furthermore, when you use it correctly, a filter sweep adds an array of moving mid frequencies that essentially gives it a slightly more professional feel.

How to make a filter sweep

In order to create a filter sweep, you want to use a filter plugin that contains a cutoff envelope. Alternatively, and for the more advanced individuals, automate a peaking band of an equalizer. But let’s stick with the cutoff envelope on a filter.

With a cutoff envelope you can tell the filter how to move its frequency band. Thereby, you will probably want to use a bandpass filter type (BP for short), as it produces a band of amplified frequencies that you can use to create the sweep.

Mid frequencies of the bandpass filter

Furthermore, shoot for a starting frequency around 400 to 900 Hz by setting that as a cutoff value.

How long should the filter sweep be

To determine the cutoff envelope duration, it’s a good idea to set it to one beat. One beat aligns with the natural length of your hardstyle kick.

How dominant should the filter sweep be

To prevent an overload of mid frequencies and a too dominant sweep, it’s probably not a good idea to use a fully wet signal. Aim for a mix level of around 40 to 60%. This way, 40 to 60% of your signal will be affected by the filter.

Experiment with different filter options

Of course, there are many more filter options you can use that you can benefit from. That’s why you have to keep experimenting and don’t be afraid to go wild.

Sound Design for Beginners

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