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In this video there’s another quick setup of a Sylenth1 lead & melody in FL Studio. It’s a short snippet that shows a very simple song structure and melody buildup.

Just like my previous video “lesson”, it’s a little presentation of a hardstyle lead and melody in action.

Dead-simple trick to a full sound

The most important part of this video is the fullness of just a single sound. It’s 1 instance of Sylenth1 playing a melody. But there’s a very simple trick to do this…

Of course, it’s important to EQ your sound, add some reverb and all the good stuff. That’s very important, but that’s not really the take-away here.

The real take-away is: chords!

If you’d play the exact same sound and melody with just a single layer, no chords, it would still feel a bit weak or empty. It wouldn’t sound as full. This mainly has to do with the different layers chords bring.

Use different octaves

A basic chord is a stack of 3 different notes playing together. But you can arrange those notes at different octaves.

So, what I often do is playing notes at a lower octave, higher octave and somewhere in between. This fills up the frequency spectrum much better, makes your sound heavier and fuller.

If you want a full sound the next time, think about chords. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

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