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Incredible Uplifting Trance Melody in FL Studio | Toxic Biohazard Synth EDM Melody (EDM Snippet)

In this quick post, you can listen to a preview of an epic new EDM snippet with an uplifting trance melody in FL Studio. Basically, it’s a behind the scenes sneak peek.

If you haven’t yet, just watch and list to the video on this page. It contains a brand new FL Studio snippet with an incredibly uplifting trance melody.

Toxic Biohazard synth in FL Studio

The trance snippet currently includes a couple of instruments, which are all FL Studio stock plugins. Thereby, the EDM lead is made with a Toxic Biohazard synth. Toxic Biohazard is a very powerful synthesizer, but possibly a little bit heavy on the CPU.

3xOsc bass and arpeggio in FL Studio

Furthermore, the bass and the arp sequence (arpeggio) are created with the 3x Osc synthesizer. The 3x Osc is a very underrated plugin that is secretly capable of producing impressive sounds, while barely needing computer resources.

EDM samples for uplifting trance music

However, it’s impractical having to make every sound from scratch. That’s why the kick is a pre-made sample from my free hardstyle sample pack. If you want to use it also, simply click that link to start your download immediately.

Uplifting trance melody in FL Studio

As for now, this uplifting trance snippet only contains a few instruments. Yet, already leave a comment to share how you feel about this melody. Do you like this type of music?

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– Cep
(Music producer, author & creator of Screech House)

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