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DUPLICATE MIXER TRACK FL STUDIO | How to Copy Mixer Effects in FL Studio (Clone Mixer Channel)

Let’s find out how to duplicate a mixer track in FL Studio. In other words, how to get all your mixer effects from one track instantly to another track without having to do it manually one by one. Coming up right now.

How to duplicate a mixer track in FL Studio

You know what’s annoying? If you have a bunch of carefully designed mixer effects that you need to copy to a new track, but FL Studio says: “Screw you, you’re on your own”.

Now, you could go ahead, insert each effect manually and replicate its settings one after the other. But this is a huge pain in the ass, sucks all your time and therefore destroys your motivation to continue.

Special workaround

That’s why, to save you from this big burden, let me share a little-known shortcut to duplicate any mixer track to any other channel you want. And it’s actually really simple, but you have to pay attention for a minute if you don’t want to miss it.

Let’s get to action and find out how to clone a mixer track in FL Studio in two easy steps.

STEP 1: Save a preset of your mixer track

First, open the Mixer and go to the track with the effects you wish to duplicate. For example, if you want to clone all the effects on mixer track 1, go to track 1.

Now simply right-click on that track, select “File”, and click on “Save mixer track state as…”.

By saving a mixer track state, you can actually create a preset of your entire mixer channel. So, all the settings of that channel, including the effects, will be saved in a little file, called an “FST” file.

Finally, select a location on your hard drive to store this file. Give it a catchy name and click “Save”. Thereby, make sure to remember the folder you’ve put it in as you need it in step 2.

STEP 2: Open the preset on another mixer track

All we have to do now is go to a new mixer track to import the FST file. For example, if you wish to copy all the effects to mixer track 2, go to track 2. Then, right-click on that track, select “File”, but this time click on “Open mixer track state…”.

By opening a mixer track state, you can actually import the entire preset of another mixer channel. So, all the settings of that channel, including effects, will be loaded in your selected track.

Now, simply find the location of the FST file on your hard drive. You know, the one you have remembered in step 1. Select it and click “Open”. This will open the mixer preset in your new channel, including all effects and setting.

Mission accomplished! Channel 2 is now an exact copy of channel 1. We have found a way to duplicate an entire mixer track, including effects, without redundant manual labor.

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