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FL STUDIO ROUTING TUTORIAL | How to Add More Effects in FL Studio Route to This Track Only

In this lesson, you will learn a simple trick how to add more than 10 mixer effects in FL Studio.

At the time of this writing, FL Studio only allows a maximum of 10 effects per Mixer track. If you need to use more than 10 effects, you have to work around this limitation. Let’s find out how in the FL Studio routing tutorial.

Assign your instrument to a Mixer track

First, route your instrument(s) to a certain track on the Mixer. Do this with the target field and give it a number. The number represents the Mixer track.

For each instrument, you can choose which Mixer track to use. In the video, I decided to go with track 2. Then, you can just add effects as you would normally do, until the 10 available slots are full.

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How to add more effects in FL Studio (routing)

When you need to use more than 10 effects, you have to route the Mixer track to a new Mixer track. To do that, select the original Mixer track and then enable the “send” function on the Mixer track you want to route to (the upwards pointing arrow).

Route to this track (only)

Use right-click and select “Route to this track”. You can now use the other Mixer track to add more effects to your instrument.

You can always repeat this routing trick to add even more effects. Just keep routing to a different Mixer track once the previous one is full.

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