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FL STUDIO BEAT CHALLENGE: Use the 4 BASIC Samples ONLY to Make a 1 Minute Song (Default Template)

Beat challenge: 4 samples, no instruments, FL Studio only!

Try the FL Studio beat challenge

Here is what I want you to try. Open the basic template in FL Studio and then make a 1-minute song with the 4 default samples.

You CAN use effects and you CAN modify the samples as you please. But you CANNOT use any other samples, plugins or instruments other than these 4.

Drop a link to your FL Studio beat challenge

If you’re brave enough to give it a shot, drop your result in the comments section. And everyone listening, upvote the ones you like the most. So, the best snippet will rise to the top.

Now, give it a go, drop your result below and watch the video to listen at my basic challenge so far.

New to FL Studio?

No problem! If you’re new to FL Studio and you want to make your own music rapidly, start now with the FL Studio Beginner’s Guide. Many people have already read it, but you have to get it before Christmas. Santa only comes ones a year so you don’t want to miss it.

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