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FL STUDIO PRESETS TUTORIAL | How to Use Templates in FL Studio | FREE Template FL Studio Preset

In this lesson, you will learn how to access free FL Studio presets or templates.

What are FL Studio presets or templates?

Templates or presets will give you premade tools and settings, included in the FL Studio application. They allow you to instantly start with a partly designed project. This can give you a quick kickstart.

Thereby, presets are usually related to already defined settings on instruments, effects or mixer tracks. On the other hand, templates generally serve a larger purpose. A template gives you a certain arrangement of instruments and/or effects, including presets, to start at a certain point.

How to access FL Studio templates?

To access FL Studio templates, click “File” in the menu, select “New from template” and click one of the templates you wish to use.

As you may notice, there’s a wide variety of different templates. This way, there are templates that contain perfectly organized instruments and mixer effects that are “pre set” to work together. But there are also very minimalistic templates, only providing a few mixer effects, or even the option of starting with an entirely empty project.

If you wish to use a different one, you can always select a new template to start with a different arrangement of plugins and settings.

Be original and make your own sounds

Templates are great to have a particular starting point for your FL Studio project. They’re perfect to quickly express your ideas in FL Studio, but also to learn from. However, because anyone can access them, most templates are not that original for using in a serious song.

That’s why, if you want to make your own sounds, get the Sound Design for Beginners guide by clicking this link. It covers all the essential basics of synthesis, which you need to become an outstanding producer.

FL Studio presets in demo songs

Instead of learning from templates, you can also use FL Studio’s powerful demo songs. Demo songs are songs made by artists and included in FL Studio for us to see and modify. This way, we can “steal” all their tricks and strategies and incorporate these ideas in our own songs.

How to access FL Studio demo songs?

To access FL Studio demo songs, click “View” in the menu and then click “Browser”. In the browser, click “Demo projects” and then click “Demo songs”. There, you will find a list of different artists and titles.

To open a demo song, right-click on a title and click “Open”. After it’s loaded, you can browse through all the instruments, effects, settings and arrangements. This is immensely powerful to learn how to make sounds, how to make buildups, how to mix, just how to do anything.

Keep in mind, each demo song has its own arrangement. You can learn different things from each track.

New to FL Studio? Start here…

However, if this is a bit overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Specifically for beginners or new FL Studio users, you can now take an ultimate shortcut in learning the critical music-making basics first.

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