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SOUND DESIGN FOR BEGINNERS | How to Make Sounds for Your Song | Synthesis & Sound Engineering

Do you want to know exactly how the settings on your synthesizer work?

Hi, it’s Cep and I’m proud to present my new best-selling book: SOUND DESIGN FOR BEGINNERS.

Sound design for beginners

This long-awaited guide teaches you the essential basics of synthesis that every producer inevitably has to know to achieve high-quality sound design. Exclusively available on Amazon, you can obtain the Sound Design for Beginners edition by clicking here:

What you will find inside this book

The best way to learn more is to take a look inside and read the table of contents. You will find that every major section on a synth will be fully covered. Of course, we’re talking about subtractive synthesis, which is the most common form and the easiest to learn.

Best-selling eBook on Amazon

The book has sold many copies worldwide and has become a best-seller in the digital audio niche, which is absolutely amazing. If you also want to read this book, you can choose between the eBook and paperback version. When you get the paperback version, you will receive the eBook edition for free.

Download the paperback or eBook today by clicking here:

Please, don’t miss out on this offer as the price on Amazon can change.

Also available as a series

But what if you only want to learn about one specific topic?

Don’t worry. I got you covered… Introducing: the SYNTHESIZER COOKBOOK series.

The Synthesizer Cookbook series

The SYNTHESIZER COOKBOOK series will dive into the settings of one particular section on a synthesizer. Whether you want to learn about oscillators, filters, envelopes or LFOs, you can get your copies by visiting the following links:

If you have any questions, just leave a comment down below. Otherwise, let’s start immediately to reach that ultimate professional level.

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