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FL STUDIO NEW PATTERN SHORTCUT | How to Create a Pattern in FL Studio (Pattern Tutorial FL Studio)

If you don’t know yet how to create a new pattern in FL Studio, here’s a very quick lesson for you.

Having a new pattern in FL Studio gives you the possibility to work in a fresh sheet, so to speak. A fresh sheet allows you to make another melody or rhythm on the Channel Rack that you can then use on the Playlist. The playlist is where you can build your entire track.

How to access a new pattern in FL Studio

The easiest way to access a new pattern, is to left-click on the “Pattern selector” (a bar at the top of FL Studio), hold and drag up to the next number. This new number represents your new pattern.

But what if you need to add an extra pattern in between two existing ones? Or what if you want a new pattern in let’s say spot number 10? How do you do that?

How to create a new pattern in FL Studio

Luckily, FL Studio also allows you to insert a new pattern anywhere you want. So, if you need to add an extra pattern, right-click on the “Pattern selector” and select “Insert one”. This adds a new pattern on the position of the current one. All the Patterns above it, will move up a spot.

This way, you can also remove a pattern by right-clicking on the “Pattern selector” and select “Delete”, which immediately cuts out the pattern from the list.

This is really all there is to it. Piece of cake!

How to copy a pattern in FL Studio

In an earlier post, I also show you exactly how to copy a pattern in FL Studio. So, if you also want to know how to copy patterns in FL Studio, just click this link.

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I’ll see you there and stay tuned for the next post…

2 thoughts on “FL STUDIO NEW PATTERN SHORTCUT | How to Create a Pattern in FL Studio (Pattern Tutorial FL Studio)”

  1. very impressive explanation from you my friend, the explanation is like a tool that can break up anything into a new thing. However, there are things that I need to know to is…. how to insert or add some sounds like reverb, compressor and others more to change the original sounds or to manipulate the original sounds into an unique sounds.

    • Hey Adrian,
      Thanks! These are good questions and when you’re new to FL Studio, it can be overwhelming to figure everything out. That’s why I’ve written the FL Studio Beginner’s Guide. It’s the best place to start when you’re just starting out. So, make sure to check it out. As we speak, I’m currently also working on a new FL Studio book for beginners. It will probably be out soon.
      Of course, I’m not gonna leave you hanging. If you want to add effects, make sure to route your instrument to the Mixer first. Then, open the Mixer (“View” > “Mixer”) and select the corresponding Mixer track. On that track, click on one of the available slots and select any effect from the list. That will do the trick.


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