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SOUND DESIGN MISTAKES: COPYING OTHER ARTISTS | How to Become a Successful Music Producer (Mindset)

Today, you will find out why it can be one of the biggest sound design mistakes to copy other artists, especially when you want to become a successful music producer.

Copying other artists can make you stuck

Most people are stuck, because they insist on making a very specific sound, typically modeled after a well-known artist. This makes it almost impossible to get a good result, because it’s an unnecessary difficult approach. Almost impossible even as it derives from your own ego that wants it to be a certain way.

Ultimately, it’s your own attachment to something particular. This attachment shuts you off from any other major breakthroughs you now simply can not have. Why? Because you’re focused on that one thing and you deny anything that’s different from that.

If that’s you, it’s time for change. Real change…

Stop copying other artists

That’s why, when you flip your approach a 180 degrees, you’re not trying to copy other artists or getting specific results, but purely focusing on your own sound design. You simply have to focus on improving your own sounds, so that they become of higher quality. Thereby, it doesn’t matter what the specific end result will be. Whatever comes out is whatever comes out. Just go with that and learn from it.

Sooner or later your sounds will increase in quality and become unique and powerful. Then, people start to wonder “How did he make that?” and wanting to replicate your work. By which you think “I’m just having some fun in my application and I’m just using my ears to create the sounds I like.”

So, there’s no hidden strategy. Never. You just do you with whatever comes out of that.

Don’t copy other artists, but be inspired by them

That’s why it’s helpful to adopt an open mindset and never attach yourself to a particular outcome.

Thereby, use songs from other artists as inspiration and motivation, not as an ultimate end goal. Always create your own methods, experimentally. Of course, have an idea about what you want to create and keep focusing on a positive outcome. But in which shape or form it comes doesn’t matter.

Why copying other artists usually fails

Besides, it’s practically impossible to replicate a sound exactly from someone else. You simply don’t know all the settings or effects. Therefore, your replica will always end up differently. No matter how perfect your replica is.

Focus on your growth, not the stuff

So, focus on a positive outcome, whatever it will be, and don’t be attached to a specific way of getting there. The purpose is to get a fruitful result efficiently, not in which shape it comes. Any method can potentially work, which you cannot predict, nor is it relevant.

So, flip your mindset and just focus on a good result without requirements. If it sounds good, keep it. If it doesn’t, change it. Let it take you where it takes you. And when you do that, you will be surprised about the fast improvements you can make.

Failure or success? Pick one…

As you can see, your mindset is single handedly responsible for all your failures and successes in life. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to adopt the right mentality. To find out how, simply start now with The Success Mindset for Music Production by clicking this link.

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