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HARDSTYLE KICK TUTORIAL FL STUDIO | How to Make Hardstyle Kick FL Studio Hardstyle Kick | Tail ONLY

In this hardstyle kick tutorial lesson, you will discover the secrets how to make a hardstyle kick in FL Studio. Thereby, you don’t need Logic and the “special” clip distortion plugin. You can make this with FL Studio stock plugins ONLY and I will show you all the “secrets”.

Hardstyle kick TAIL

Please be aware that this lesson shows you the TAIL part of the hardstyle kick. The tail part is often the hardest to make and usually requires the most work.

Now, if you don’t want to put in the work, you can also use already finished hardstyle kick tails and samples. By just downloading my free hardstyle sample pack you can start immediately. Click this link to download the Hardstyle Sample Pack now.

Hardstyle kick tutorial: audio signal

All right. Let’s find out how to make a hardstyle kick in FL Studio. For starters, you need to have an audio signal, which has to be tweaked and shaped later on. You can basically use any instrument or plugin, but why not go with the 3x Osc (FL Studio’s stock plugin)?

So, the audio signal comes from the 3x Osc plugin, using the triangle waveform. You could also start with a different waveform, but I found it often works best to use the triangle or sine waveform.

Also, the volume and pitch envelopes need to be enabled to give the kick a certain duration and punch. Learn more about envelopes by getting the Sound Design for Beginners guide today. However, the exact settings for the volume and pitch envelopes are not that relevant for the way the kick sounds.

Hardstyle kick tutorial: mixer effects

Once you have the starting sound for your hardstyle kick, it’s time to tweak it on the mixer. Thereby, assign the instrument to a free mixer track, e.g. mixer track (insert) 1. On this mixer track are all the effects that really make the hardstyle kick come alive.

In the video, you will see all the effects being enabled one by one. Therefore, just watch the video to look at the settings of these effects and listen to how the sound changes. Of course, feel free to pause the video if needed.

Hardstyle kick tutorial: tips

Mixer routing

If you need to use more than 10 effects on a mixer track, you can route that mixer track to a different one. That’s why, for this particular hardstyle kick, I had to route mixer track 1 to mixer track 2. This allowed me to add a couple of extra effects.

If it sounds better, keep it!

You can always go back and forth between the mixer effect settings to make changes. It just depends what you want and like. It may seem all “planned out” when a kick tail is finished, but in reality, it isn’t. It’s just a game of tweaking and listening. If it sounds good, keep it.

When you build your own hardstyle kick, make it a game and play with the settings until it sounds better.

What to do next?

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