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RAWSTYLE SCREECH SYLENTH1 | How to Make a Hardstyle Screech Melody | Hardstyle Screech FL Studio

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a hardstyle screech melody with Sylenth1 in FL Studio. If you want to find out how the hardstyle screech in this video is made, leave a comment to let me know.

How to make a hardstyle screech melody

Usually, hardstyle screech melodies are relative short loops that don’t have much musical content or many melodic variations. Instead, the variations come from tweaks, rhythms, effects and automations.

Generally, this means that screeches follow rhythms. The rhythms are typically centered around the root note of the song.

Respect the root note of your track

You see, normally, the hardstyle kick is build/pitched at the root note of the main melody. This root note will be the main key throughout the whole track. Respecting this root note by building your sounds around it, will help with the flow of your track.

The scale used in the video is G minor. Minor scales are good for serious melodies. A screech melody fares well when it’s build around the root note. In this case, the key of G.

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Hardstyle screech melody illusion

In some cases, there could be a misconception about perceiving a screech as following a melody, while in fact, it isn’t. This has to do with filter effects that can change the dominant frequencies within a sound.

Such an effect can be a filter movement. Filter movements can change the cutoff frequency of the filter. This can create the illusion of different notes being played. However, the notes remain constant. It’s only the emphasis around a range of frequencies that creates this illusion.

So, the frequency within the sound changes, not the base frequency (key) the sound is being played at.

Push it to the next level

For now, give these ideas a good try and see if you can push it to the next level.

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