FL STUDIO SLIDE TUTORIAL | How to Slide Notes FL Studio Piano Roll | How to Use Portamento FL Studio

In this lesson you will learn exactly how to slide notes in FL Studio. In fact, after this lesson you will know 3 dead-simple tricks to make your notes slide any way you want (in FL Studio that is).

How to slide notes in FL Studio: Method 1

For the first method, simply open the Piano Roll and draw some notes. There will be no sliding notes yet.

Portamento option on the Piano Roll

But now, let’s apply the first trick. In the upper left corner of the Piano Roll you can find 2 little icons in the (green) color group. Click the upper icon. This is the “portamento” option.

The portamento option adds a standard (quick) glide on the notes you draw WITH that little icon in it. So, just draw a “portamento note” on the places you want it to have glide.

Keep in mind that you can only hear a glide when the note changes. So for example, you can hear a glide when the note goes from G to A#, but not from G to G.

How to slide notes in FL Studio: Method 2

Now let’s go to method 2. This one is just as easy. First, draw your notes again without the portamento (just normal notes).

Slide option on the Piano Roll

Once you have your notes (or your melody), go to the upper left corner of the Piano Roll again. Now select the lower icon in the (green) color group. This is the “slide” option. The slide option gives you exact control when and how the notes should slide.

To do that, you need to draw extra notes that only serve as the slide direction and timing. They’re inaudible notes. So, just draw a “slide note” on the places you want your notes to slide a certain way.

The length of a slide note determines the length of the slide. The key/pitch of the slide note determines the direction where it slides up or down to. So, putting a slide note really high or low, will create a bigger pitch sweep (a more extreme slide movement).

Experiment with the slide option

It’s a good idea to play around. This way you get a “feel” for them. Also, you have to experiment a little bit to make it sound the way you want.

You can also put slide notes in between 2 (or more) normal notes. The timing and length of a slide note determines when the slide is active.

Sliding & gliding on the Piano Roll

So, for the “slide” and “portamento” option on the Piano Roll, the notes WITH that little icon in it are the ones that have (or control) the gliding.

How to slide notes in FL Studio: Method 3

It’s really simple. But if that isn’t enough, there’s also a 3rd trick you can use to get that glide effect. The third method is also very simple, but it cannot be found on the Piano Roll. It’s a standard option on the Sampler.

Slide option on the Sampler

Just open your synth or sample and go to the miscellaneous tab. You can always find the settings there. We have to take a look at the Polyphony area and select “Porta” (from portamento).

With the slide knob you can now control the amount of portamento (slide) for your melody. Opening up the knob gives a slow slide effect. Closing down the knob gives a quick slide effect.

Well, there you have it: 3 dead-simple tricks to make your notes slide any way you want.

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In this lesson, the following FL Studio plugins were used:

  • FL Keys

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