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FREE ORCHESTRA VST FOR FL STUDIO | Orchestral Plugin FL Studio | How to Use Midi Out FL Studio LSD

In this lesson, you will discover how to get many free orchestral instruments with one simple FL Studio stock plugin. All you need is the MIDI OUT channel and the Fruity LSD (not a drug).

Orchestral plugin with the MIDI OUT channel & Fruity LSD

In order to use orchestral instruments, you have to add the MIDI OUT channel to the Channel Rack. The MIDI OUT channel serves as a carrier for the Fruity LSD, which you will have to add to the Mixer later on. Thereby, the Fruity LSD is the orchestral plugin.

Add the MIDI OUT channel & Fruity LSD

First, go to the FL Studio menu, click “Add” and select “MIDI OUT”. The MIDI OUT controller will appear on the Channel Rack. You can use the MIDI OUT controller to control the Fruity LSD.

Next, open the mixer by clicking “View” and then “Mixer”. Select the Insert Track on the mixer you want to use for your orchestral instrument. For example, select Mixer Track 1. On your selected Mixer Track, click on an empty slot and select “Fruity LSD”. The Fruity LSD holds all the instruments that you can choose from.

Finally, make sure to match the port number on the MIDI OUT controller and the Fruity LSD. For example, use number “1” for both tools. The port number is required for both tools to communicate.

Port numbers on the MIDI OUT channel & Fruity LSD

The port number does NOT mean to which Mixer Insert Track the tool is routed. The act of opening the Fruity LSD on a certain Insert Track automatically takes care of that. The port number on the Fruity LSD is meant to define which port the MIDI OUT should listen to.

So, you can connect the MIDI OUT controller and Fruity LSD on any particular Mixer Insert Track. The port number is completely separate from the Mixer Insert Track number.

Choose your orchestral instrument

Now that the MIDI OUT controller and Fruity LSD are connected, you can choose which orchestral instrument you want to use. To do that, click inside the Fruity LSD (e.g. in the field behind slot 1) and select your desired instrument from the list.

Play your orchestral instrument

To play the instrument selected in the Fruity LSD, you have to draw some notes with the MIDI OUT channel. By hoovering over the MIDI OUT channel, you can right-click on it and select “Piano Roll”. In the Piano Roll you can easily create your melody or musical structure.

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Use multiple orchestral instruments at the same time

If you want to use a new instrument for your song, just select a new MIDI OUT unit and connect it to a different Fruity LSD. Simply repeat the process as described above for each new instrument you want to add.

This way, you can use each channel for a different instrument and a different melody or rhythm.

Use one Mixer Track per orchestral instrument

Personally, I find it best to just use one Mixer Insert Track per LSD instrument. This way, you can shape the instrument with the effects thereafter. Besides, you can keep the Mixer (and your song) more organized.

TIP: it’s a good practice to organize and name your channels and tracks.

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