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HOW TO REMOVE RESONANCE FROM VOICE | Clean Up Bad Frequency from Audio Recording with Surgical EQ

Let’s find out how to remove any resonance from a sound. Though, this quick post is an extension of the complete step-by-step tutorial about removing bad frequencies. So, also make sure to check the full episode by clicking this link: How to Remove Bad Frequencies.

How to remove resonance from voice

In the attached video, you will be hearing a voice recording from one of my other videos. It so happens to have an annoying tone. Let’s remove it in 3 easy steps.

STEP 1: hone in on the resonating tone

In order to remove it, first select a small part of the recording (or sound) to repeat the annoying tone. This way you can easily keep your focus on it.

STEP 2: find the resonating frequency

Then, make sure your recording (or sound) is sent to a free Mixer track. On that mixer track, add an equalizer and use a narrow band to find the tone. Therefore, move the band all the way up and swipe it slowly through the spectrum, until you hear the annoying tone starting to resonate.

STEP 3: remove the resonance

Once it starts to resonate annoyingly, you have found it. Now dip it. Therefore, slowly move the band down and stop when the bad frequency almost disappears. That should fix the problem.


In order to be sure, you can always listen to the difference by enabling and disabling the band on the equalizer. This allows you to hear if the resonating frequency has been cleaned up sufficiently.

Surgical EQing to remove resonance

The process of removing bad frequencies is often referred to as “surgical EQing”. After all, you’re using an equalizer with very precise measures to target specific frequency regions. Just like surgeons do on our bodies.

But this also means you must have a good set of ears and environment to hear what you’re doing. That’s why this type of surgical EQing is best hearable via headphones. So, make sure to remove resonance on headphones, or else a quiet mixing environment.

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