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VOCAL EFFECT TUTORIAL | Hardstyle Vocal FL Studio | How to Make Vocal Effects Time Stretching Vocals

In this lesson you’ll learn how to make time stretching vocals in FL Studio. This vocal effect tutorial shows a very quick and simple way to time stretch vocals on the Sampler.

Time stretching a vocal can give a nice effect for the transition into a break. But also for many other purposes if you’re creative.

Use a short vocal sample

To make a vocal time stretching effect, you need to have a vocal sample. It works best to pick a relative short vocal. If you don’t do this and you apply the time stretching, your vocal ends up being way too long.

When you’ve picked a vocal, just open it in FL Studio. Typically, it’ll be opened in the Sampler. The Sampler is the tool FL Studio uses to load samples in your project (on the Channel Rack).

How to make the time stretching vocal effect

Now, go to the “Time stretching” area on the Sampler. This area controls, well… the time stretching of that sample. You have a few options you can use to shape your vocal effect:

  • Select a “Mode” (algorithm). Depending on the algorithm you choose, the vocal effect will sound different. I typically pick the “e3 mono” mode. This monophonic mode keeps the sample’s character intact.
  • Manipulate the “MUL” knob. Open it to lengthen the sample or close it to shorten the sample.
  • Manipulate the “PITCH” knob. Open it for a higher tone or close it for lower tone.
  • If you want to stretch your vocal some more, use the “TIME” knob. You can really create a long time stretching here when you open it. So, be careful.
  • And if you can’t get enough of all these settings, use the “POGO” knob for more pitching manipulation.

If you just play with all these settings, you soon end up with a good vocal time stretching effect. It’s really straightforward.

Another cool vocal effect

If you want to learn a very cool vocal effect, check out the How to Make a Stutter Effect lesson. In this lesson we’re going to chop a vocal into pieces and make that typical hardstyle stutter effect.

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