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BEST FREE VOCAL REMOVER APP | How to Remove Vocals from a Song (Remove Voice from Music Tutorial)

Here are 2 awesome vocal remover apps to remove vocals from any song in a matter of seconds: one website and one for PC. Check this out because this will blow your mind.

Vocal remover AI

This vocal remover website is absolutely fantastic. It uses AI to separate vocals from a song very precisely. And best of all, it’s free.

Enter the address in your browser, or just Google “vocal remover” and click on the page: “Vocal Remover and Isolation”. This will bring you to the right website.

How to use the vocal remover app

All you have do is click the button “Browse my files” and open an audio file from your disk. The AI will then process your clip. When it’s done you will have two tracks: one karaoke and one acapella.

And the result is amazing.

By the way, the sounds in the video come from my EDM sample pack. It’s free, so download it by clicking the link.

Save as karaoke or acapella

Luckily, you can also save any off these tracks to your disk. Just press the “Save” button, pick a location and click “Save”. And they’re yours.

I think the results speak for themselves, but I can imagine you don’t want to rely on a website that can change policy at any time. That’s why, check out Audacity as well.

How to remove vocals from a song in Audacity

Audacity is free audio software for the PC, and it has some interesting options to isolate or remove vocals. However, I do find Audacity to be slightly less accurate sometimes, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

So, just drop your sample into Audacity and select the part you want to modify. If the vocal plays throughout the whole track, simply select everything. Then click “Effects” in the menu, select “Special”, and click “Vocal Reduction & Isolation…”

In most cases the default settings are pretty good. So all you have to do is select the appropriate action. Thereby, if you want to remove vocals, select one of the “Remove Vocals” options. And if you want to isolate vocals, select one of the “Isolate Vocals” options.

Djeez, what a logic. Who wrote this post? Right, it was me.

Anyhow, just play around with these settings and press “Preview” to hear the effect. When you’re happy, press “Apply” and you’re good to go.

Remove voice with Android apps

Now, if you don’t use a PC or you’re on the road, you can also download any of the Android or iPhone apps on the marketplace. Some options include Super Sound, Vocal Remover, or Moises. I have never used them, but feel free to look at these apps and experiment.

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