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COSMIC GATE HARDSTYLE | Cosmic Gate The Drums Remix & Remake | Cosmic Gate FL Studio Hardstyle Remix

In this lesson you can listen to a Cosmic Gate FL Studio hardstyle remix. This Cosmic Gate hardstyle remix or remake originally is from 1999 and is called: Cosmic Gate – The Drums. You can listen to the original song by clicking that link.

Cosmic Gate hardstyle remix

The Cosmic Gate hardstyle remix from the video actually isn’t mine. It’s from my brother who sometimes likes to fool around in FL Studio.

This time he did a good job as it sounds pretty cool, especially if you happen to know the original version. So, we decided to share it on Screech House and give you something to listen to.

Of course, we also like to know what you think. Your honest opinion is more than welcome in the comments section below. Also tell us, do you remember this old Cosmic Gate song?

Fun with FL Studio

If you enjoy these types of remixes or remakes, be sure to check out the Remixes & remakes page (just click that link). Occasionally, I make more entertaining “lessons” to shake things up and have some fun with FL Studio. Besides, there’s always some secret value in the entertainment posts on Screech House.


For this lesson, the following FL Studio stock plugins were used:

  • 3x Osc
  • Fruity Waveshaper
  • Fruity Parametric EQ 2
  • Fruity Fast Dist
  • Fruity Flanger
  • Fruity Reeverb 2
  • Fruity Compressor

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– Cep
Music producer & creator of Screech House

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