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HARDSTYLE SAMPLE PACK – FREE DOWNLOAD | FL Studio Hardstyle Samples (Hardstyle Kicks Included)

This lesson is all about the FREE Hardstyle Sample Pack. It’s a pack full of high quality hardstyle samples, all made in FL Studio.

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What’s inside this free hardstyle sample pack?

The sample pack contains 100% original, fully exclusive FL Studio hardstyle samples. Including…

  • Basses
  • Claps
  • Effects
  • Extras
  • Kicks
  • Leads
  • Melodies
  • Screeches
  • Snares

This pack is composed of brand new samples, as well as some previously made stuff. You’ll also find many Screech House material in there (known from my YouTube channel).

Why did I make this hardstyle sample pack?

Because of earlier videos on my YouTube channel, I quickly noticed many people found their way to Screech House. This made me aware that there’s a need for good hardstyle content, like videos, tutorials, but also samples.

So, I’ve spend quite some time creating and organizing a unique sample pack with self-made sounds. I wanted this to be exclusively available for the Screech House community. This way, only  Screech House members have access to this Hardstyle Sample Pack, giving the community an extra edge.

But what’s my motivation to do all this?

  • I love doing it.
  • It might help you reach your goals.
  • To support your support.
  • To give something of real value (you can’t get it somewhere else).
  • To grow an audience.
  • To learn and develop new content.
  • May be to turn my hobby into a platform that helps making a living.

Download the free Hardstyle Sample Pack here

Now, I really didn’t make it hard to download my free Hardstyle Sample Pack. I put a link in every YouTube description, but I also present the download in different places on this website. You can find them here:

  • On this website there’s a page called “Downloads“. On the downloads area there’s a link called “Samples & packs“. Click it. You’ll find the free Hardstyle Sample Pack in there.
  • You can also just download the sample pack from the right sidebar (at the top).
  • Or, you can download the Hardstyle Sample Pack by just clicking this link.

Anyways, you can use these samples however you want. If it’s professionally, commercially or just for fun. They’re yours.

If you used the samples in your song, it’d be great if you dropped a comment or message to share a link!

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Thank you for your support and please, keep practicing!

– Cep
Music producer & creator of Screech House

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