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RAWSTYLE SCREECH TUTORIAL | How to Make a Rawstyle Screech (Rawstyle FL Studio Hardstyle Tutorial)

In this lesson you’ll learn how to make a rawstyle screech in FL Studio. In this rawstyle screech tutorial you can see how easy it can be with just FL Studio stock plugins.

Before you start making your rawstyle screech

For this lesson let’s use the 3x Osc. The 3x Osc is part of FL Studio’s stock plugins and very easy to understand.

Before you start your rawstyle screech sound design, it can be a good idea to draw a rhythm on the piano roll. This puts the sound of your rawstyle screech into perspective. It also takes away a long monotone tone (if you happen to play just 1 note while building your sound) which blurs your hearing.

How to make a rawstyle screech

In the video you can look at all the settings in action, but let’s discuss the sound design part here…

  • Set oscillator 1 & 2 (on the 3x Osc) to a saw waveform and make sure to fully open the “PHASE RAND” knob. Oscillator 3 will not be used (just turn the volume knob down).
  • Detune oscillator 1 & 2 in opposite directions, but move the slider completely up or down. Do the same with both “PHASE OFS” sliders.
  • Set the “COURSE” of both oscillators to 12, so they play the same pitch. To create a bit more detune, use the “FINE” knobs of both oscillators and turn them in opposite directions to the left or right.
  • Now go to the envelope and LFO tab. Set a tight volume envelope, so the rawstyle screech has no release.
  • But most importantly, go to the pitch envelope and create an incline with the “DEC” and “AMT” knob. Optionally, open up the “ATT” knob slightly.
  • Also important: set the pitch LFO. This gives your rawstyle screech more scream. Set a fast speed, a short attack and carefully change the “AMT” knob to the left or right.
  • If this isn’t enough already, go to the Misc section on the 3x Osc and go to the “Echo delay / fat mode” area. Now, enable the “Fat mode” checkbox, set the echoes to 4 (or more),  fully open the “FEED” knob, fully close the “TIME” knob and then slightly move the “PITCH” knob to the left or right.

If you’ve applied all these settings, you now have a very detuned ripping/tearing rawstyle screech sound. This is good. The only thing left to do is adding some mixer effects.

Rawstyle screech mixer effects

Now, how you should set the mixer effects can vary a lot, depending on what you want to create. For the specific settings of this rawstyle screech, please watch the video. Or else, just follow these guidelines:

  • Use an aggressive distortion to demolish your rawstyle screech sound. Before the distortion unit, you can add an EQ to shape your sound a certain way.
  • Add a delay and reverb to give your rawstyle screech a sense of space, fullness and width. The settings are based on personal taste.
  • Use an equalizer at the end to restore the balance in the frequency spectrum. Usually, add some highs, dip some mids and/or remove some lows.
  • It’s often a good idea to end your chain with a limiter to cut off peaks or slightly boost the signal.

If everything goes well, you now have yourself a cool rawstyle screech, ready for your song. If you want more variation, just go back to your screech and change a lot of settings. By changing the settings, many other cool screech sound variants will arise. You can make it as crazy as you want.

Learning how to screech

Don’t let the information in this lesson overwhelm you. When you watch the video, you can see it’s not that complicated. But if you have a hard time following it, just take it one step at a time. Simply tweak 1 or 2 knobs and get a feeling for it. Then move to the next ones.

If you want to learn more about hardstyle screeches, just go to the screech section on this website. There’s a ton to learn from.

And if you’d like to use hardstyle screech samples that are already song-ready, feel free to download my Hardstyle Sample Pack by clicking that link.


In this lesson, the following plugins were used:

  • 3x Osc
  • Fruity Parametric EQ 2
  • Fruity Waveshaper
  • Fruity Delay Bank
  • Fruity Reeverb 2

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