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How to Remove Noise in CapCut (Background Noise Reduction CapCut PC)

Here’s how to remove noise in CapCut with a single mouse click.

As is, CapCut is free video editing software. But you can also use it to edit your audio to a certain extent. So whether you’re a video editor or music producer, you can use CapCut to clean up any audio samples effortlessly.

Why noise removal is important

Many samples and voice recordings end up with ugly background noise, such as hiss, hum, rumble or static. This ruins the quality of your audio and that’s why so-called “noise reduction” is essential.

CapCut noise reduction

Noise reduction in CapCut is fully automatic. CapCut recognizes the noise in your audio and removes it straight away. But most importantly, the noise reducer tool also produces excellent quality.

How to remove noise in CapCut

So to use it, open CapCut, and unless you already have a project, click “New Project”. Then, just drag ‘n drop your sample into the app. Or alternatively, click “Import” in the “Media” window and locate the audio file on your disk.

Once imported, click the “+” (plus) icon on the file to add the audio to a track on the “Timeline”.

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On the “Timeline”, left-click on the audio sample. Then, go to the “Adjustment” window and turn on “Noise reduction” by clicking the checkbox. This single mouse-click will immediately start the noise reduction process.

Usually within a few seconds your audio will be completely free from noise.

And that’s really it. You can now use it in your video project, or save it as an audio file for other projects.

How to save audio from CapCut

To save your audio, click “Menu”, then “File”, and “Export”. In the “Export” window, give the file a title and location. But also, pay close attention and make sure to turn off “Video exporting” and turn on “Export audio” by clicking the checkboxes. This way you can save the audio separately from the video.

Now, in the audio area, feel free to choose a format. But for the best quality, consider using the WAV format.

When all is set, just click “Export”. Wait a few seconds and your noise-free audio clip will be ready for action.

How to remove noise in Adobe Audition & FL Studio

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