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TOP 10 BIGGEST HARDSTYLE FESTIVALS | Defqon 1, Q-BASE, Mysteryland, Qlimax, Dance Valley, Dominator

What are the top 10 biggest hardstyle festivals in the world? And what time of the year are they most popular? Let’s find out!

Quick question before we begin: what is your favorite hardstyle festival? Drop your comment below and let’s compare your answer to the top 10 most popular Google searches. So, we can see if people around the world feel the same.

Biggest hardstyle festivals in the world

Before we can make a top 10, let’s see who are nominated for the list of the biggest hardstyle festivals in the world. In no particular order, these are the nominees:

  • Defqon 1
  • Decibel Outdoor
  • Wish Outdoor
  • Ground Zero
  • Syndicate
  • Q-base
  • Sensation Black
  • Eporium
  • Qlimax
  • The Qontinent
  • Tomorrowland
  • Mysteryland
  • Reverze
  • X-Qlusive
  • Intents
  • I Am Hardstyle
  • Dance Valley
  • Dominator
  • Free Festival

Top 10 biggest hardstyle festivals

Now that we know which hardstyle festivals are nominated, it’s time to find out which ones are actually the biggest. However, this changes from year to year and from month to month.

That’s why I’ve uploaded this video to show exactly who is on top in each month and year. So, simply watch the video right now and discover the most popular hardstyle events over time.

Most popular hardstyle events

Obviously, the hardstyle festivals are most popular at the time of the year they are being held. But still, the biggest ones are right there at the top.

But now I want to know what is the next hardstyle festival you’re planning to visit? And what is your favorite event?

Let me know by leaving a comment and make sure to subscribe to Screech House for much more unique EDM content like this. So, go ahead and I’ll see you in the next one.

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